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Membership in AFFDTM is open to any and all individuals who support the Texas A&M Fish Drill Team. The AFFDTM meets the needs of the team by providing much needed financial assistance that has heretofore come from the advisors' pockets, and the expenses easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Mission: Our objective is to provide any necessary support to FDT, to ensure the team's ability to travel and successfully compete with teams across the nation, and provide necessary supplies to uphold quality of the team's standard. The AFFDTM will maintain an accurate team database, maintain history of the team, and provide financial support in the short and long term. If the team needs it, we make sure they get it.

Purpose: Our purpose is simple - to assist the team. This includes the creation and maintenance of rosters and records pertaining to former members of the team. The AFFDTM serves as a vehicle for bringing together any different interest in support of the team. Members are encouraged to make an annual gift and act on behalf of the team in matters pertaining to its welfare. Members are also encouraged (to what extent they can) to provide their class' drill, specific details about performances (ex. how to set up and execute the "Rick & Dick Haynes" throw), and archive footage of performances.

What We Do: Promote the Fish Drill Team, provide annual financial support for an unpredictable growing number of FDT candidates, and hold annual social gatherings to bring the community of the team together among other things. Presently, the most pressing need the team has is the procurement of new practice weapons (rifles). The current stock that most of us drilled with are in generally poor condition.

When You Join: Active membership in the AFFDTM is obtained by making an annual gift of $50 or more per year to the AFFDTM. There are several membership levels that you will see below. You will also receive a Fish Drill Team lapel pin.

The Association of Former Fish Drill Team Members is a division of the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and your gift is tax deductible.

NOTE: The minimum Gift Amount is $50 for former cadets

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